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Marcos Ariel 
      Soul Carioca 

Born in February during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Ariel has the typical Carioca soul. This fact was fundamental for his professional formation: the style of the musician has always been defined by critics as purely “Carioca" (one who is a native of  Rio de Janeiro).From that, Marcos Ariel had the idea to produce and record his thirtieth   album the EP Soul Carioca . 

The compositions of the project were composed and matured throughout his many concerts in Rio de Janeiro at Rio  Scenarium  in Lapa, and  Vinicius Show Bar in Ipanema  in addition the shows he regularly performs in the USA, triggering a unique and authorial project.

Recorded and produced in Rio de Janeiro during the autumn of 2018 at the Jupiter Studio, Soul Carioca had the participation of musicians with whom Marcos Ariel has a longstanding partnership.

The EP was produced, recorded and mixed by Eduardo Chermont de Britto who has worked with Marcos in the albums “My Only Passion” and “Magic Eyes”. 

The guitarist Ricardo Silveira, who recorded on the LP Bambu back on the 80’s,, has been Marcos Ariel's partner in concerts and recordings. Highlights are due to the song “Green Eyes and the DVD of all Stars Brazilian band” ZIL”

The recordings of the bases were done creating a live show atmosphere.


With the participation of bass player Rômulo Duarte and drummer Roberto Alemão Marques, the 6 tracks of EP Soul Carioca bring a delicious flavor and freshness   sound.

All metal arrangements were written and played by the great musician Paulinho Trompete. Using diverse channels, the musician played Trumpet and all the other wind instruments of the same family.


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       "Soul Carioca" now!

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